With Venus and Saturn forming a tense aspect today, dear Sagittarius, social affairs may not work out beautifully.

Timing can be a little off, and so can people, in general! It’s best going into the day with an open mind and with a goal to avoid taking things too personally. Others may be a little withholding or distant in the better case scenario, or unsupportive on the other side.

Revise, edit, go over, and reflect rather than make important decisions, since judgment may be a little skewed now. Also today, a Mercury-Jupiter influence suggests you may have too much information to make big decisions, or the news you receive now is missing key points or is misleading.

Avoid clinging too strongly to schedules and rules and instead focus on priorities. Keep in mind that others may be exaggerating, and possibly without even realizing it. You’ll feel less stress if you let go of the need to find definitive answers today.

Luck tends to be on your side, but it does appear as if the deck is stacked against you today and you are not happy about the odds.

Every time you undertake a project, someone undermines your work. Each positive step you take seems to stir up negative consequences now.

Although you already have a game plan in place, it makes sense to lay low until the energy shifts back in your favor.

The Sun will always leave a playful part of your chart and return to your work sector at this time every year, creating a fairly dramatic shift in solar focus.

This year that shift isn’t so extreme, due to the fact that Venus has been in your work sector for three months and there are still plenty of planets in a playful part of your chart.

However, you do need to be more mindful of a need for a balance between work and play, as the pendulum starts to tilt more to the busy side of the scale.

Comedian Craig Bruce wrote, “You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.”

Creativity: Fair

Love: Fair

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 15, 18, 21, 48

Daily Compatibility: Aquarius

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