This is a lovely time for dreaming up new ideas, particularly related to home life, harmony, comfort, and understanding, dear Sagittarius. You are willing to see the beauty in imperfection. With expectations reasonable, this can be a good day for a bit of an escape from recent pressures.

Activities, particularly at home or with family, that engage your imagination are favored now. You are also creative, and your artistic flair can show itself most in your domestic world.

As well, a Mercury-Saturn sextile helps you tame your desires and think in practical terms, and you tend to be valued for your input or advice. You more happily meet deadlines and fulfill your responsibilities. An organized and patient attitude can get you far today.

When you nostalgically reconstruct your past today, you’re likely to recollect events very differently than as they actually occurred. Your subconscious is in the state of creation now, and the images and feelings that flow forth are influencing how your brain interprets your memories.

However, dwelling on years gone by is not productive unless you bring the old thoughts and feelings into the present moment, so you can gain a new perspective on your personal history. Looking back is most useful when you also look ahead.

Developments on the job front in 2018 are this year’s best kept secret, with the start and early months of the year failing to give any indication of the game changing developments ahead.

Yet as the Moon makes its monthly visit to your work sector there will be signs and clues that something is pending. For now, even if it is just your imagination or ideas starting to take shape, follow them like a trail of breadcrumbs, without over thinking things.

Lucky Numbers: 5, 19, 20, 22, 34, 48

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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