You need a little extra time to or for yourself today, dear Sagittarius. Your instincts to keep something to yourself may be spot-on right now, and you stand to learn a lot from observation.

Favorable energy is with you for family connections, cooperation, understanding, and forgiveness.

Mercury and Venus are moving into harmony with your sign today and will transit your sector of romance, entertainment, and enjoyment for some time. Venus is here until the end of the month, while Mercury transits here until May 13th.

Thoughts frequently turn to the pleasures of life during this cycle. You express yourself with a fun, entertaining touch or unique flair that draws others to you. Your natural confidence tends to get the results you crave.

There’s a mental interest in having fun so that games can be a wonderful outlet for you now. You’re a little more dramatic in your speech, and more inclined to give voice to your affections.

You can’t decide whether you should stand on your desk and shout your message out to everyone or hide under your bed and hope that no one notices you’re gone.

On one hand, chatty Mercury moves into your 5th House of Self-Expression, inspiring you to declare your creative or romantic intentions.

On the other hand, the moody Moon is sneaking through your 12th House of Invisibility, making you fearful that you might be seen. Meanwhile, you’re doing your best to balance these opposing cosmic forces.

Self-revelation is easier now if you take it slowly, until you’re ready for the spotlight of public attention.

Without a doubt Venus, planet of love’s return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart will always kick off the most romantically charged weeks of any year.

Yet Venus’ return today is part of a wave that not only turns this from the most romantically charged weeks of the year to months, but some of the most important ever.

Over the next two months and nine days, commit to following your heart in all that you do.

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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