It’s your time—at last! You carried a heavy load for most of 2018, Sagittarius—and really, for the past few years. Up until November 8, your ruling planet, Jupiter, spent the entire year napping in Scorpio and your twelfth house of rest, closure and sacrifice.

There was a lot of behind-the-scenes activity, and you paid your share of dues. Sometimes it felt like you were taking one step forward and two steps back.

If you’ve gotten a bit weary and discouraged, shake it off: This month should be a real turnaround for you! For starters, the Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21, so you’re feeling more like yourself every day.

But it’s also the first full month that you’re hosting your lucky and expansive celestial guardian (until December 2, 2019). Jupiter only comes to your sign every 12 years—it hasn’t visited since 2007!—and when it does, it kicks off a new 12-year chapter. With Jupiter AND the Sun in your home court, the pace should start to pick up…dramatically!

But the day that really kicks things off is December 7, when the year’s only Sagittarius new moon marks your personal new year. As usual, you’re ahead of the curve, so make your resolutions a little early—along with some birthday season wishes.

The new moon in your sign shines the spotlight on your most cherished initiatives. What do YOU want for yourself, Archer, and where would you like to leave your mark?

This is a great day to make a big ask or to take a bold step toward something personally fulfilling that will unfold in the coming six months.

With the new moon in your first house of appearances, it’s also a great time for a style overhaul or to make a splashy debut, whether you’re launching a passion project or unveiling a new look.

Another reason Jupiter in Sagittarius got off to a slow start? On November 16, a week after the red-spotted giant entered your sign, communication planet Mercury turned retrograde, backing through Sagittarius until December 1.

You may have felt wildly misunderstood at moments or just generally off your game. Mercury dipped back into Scorpio and your hazy twelfth house from December 1 through 6, which could have brought up old resentments or unresolved hurts. Use the first week of the month to clear the air so you can have a clean slate in time for the holiday season.

At the new moon, things will start to course correct—and you’ll receive some strong intuitive guidance as well. That same day (December 7), assertive Mars and sensitive Neptune will make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Pisces and your emotional, domestic fourth house.

You could get a powerful gut feeling about your next moves, or just feel sharply in tune with what you want. The new moon and Mars will help you boldly speak up for what you want, while soft-touch Neptune steps in to ensure that you don’t bulldoze anyone in the process.

A female relative or a nurturing person could play into events at this new moon. You may need to stick up for someone in need—or to lovingly and firmly assert some boundaries with family (better to do it now than when you’re sleeping on each other’s sofas in a couple weeks!).

You could get a burst of motivation to decorate, renovate or even to look for a new place to live. But careful: Rash Mars and unrealistic Neptune could get you all excited only to find things fizzling out just as fast.

You can settle into more of a grounded groove on December 21, when the Sun enters Capricorn and your second house of work, money and productivity for a month.

We’re not suggesting that you let things get BORING (you’ve had enough of that)…but getting into a new routine wouldn’t be the worst thing.

How about monetizing your winning concepts? One of your big birthday ideas might be worth building into a real-deal venture. But don’t rush: Crunch a few numbers, run the stats, write up an outline.

Earthy Capricorn season is also a great time for simple pleasures and practical luxuries, so add some sophisticated touches to your wardrobe, decor and entertaining plans.

Skip the cheesy blockbusters and opt for an indie film; grab a few high-end gifts for yourself and your favorite people that flaunt your awesome taste.

An intense moment arrives on December 22, when the year’s second Cancer full moon beams into your intimate eighth house. This realm rules long-term finances, property and deep bonds, all of which could be on your mind today.

Think back to the January 1, 2018, full Cancer supermoon: Resolutions from a year ago could resonate again. Which ones are still left unaddressed—and might be worth another look?

Since full moons bring turning points and manifestations, you could be making an important decision about an “investment”—whether that’s in a relationship or something intangible. Are you getting a good enough return on all that you’ve put into this?

If not, it’s time to either exit or change the vibe. If you are happy with the ROI, maybe this is something you should put even MORE of your focus into for the coming year.

Whew! That got a little heavy. But don’t worry, Sag: Your adventurous side returns full-force on Christmas, when the Leo moon illuminates your worldly and spontaneous ninth house.

Now you can see the big picture, and you’ll get oh-so inspired about the year ahead. Under these optimistic moonbeams, you might take a first crack at some 2019 resolutions or intentions—always best drafted when you’re thinking bigger-than-big!

Keep plans loose today because you won’t want to be locked into anything. Watch for a case of #FOMO though; you can only be in so many places in a single day!

Take it easy on New Year’s Eve though because the moon will be powered down in Scorpio and your restful, compassionate twelfth house. Under this emotional starmap, you could soak up other people’s feelings like a sponge, especially when the moon pings boundary-blurring Neptune in your touchy-feely fourth house at 10:10 pm EST.

If you’re opening your home or spending the holiday with family, stick to a tightly curated guest list, leaving off anyone who dominates the energy or demands a lot of attention. Stick to a close circle of thoughtful people and rally their support for hosting, food prep and bartending duties.

Note: You’ll be extra-sensitive to substances, so pace yourself if you’re partying. (You probably don’t want to start 2019 with a massive hangover or a fresh scandal on your record.) If you’ve got evening plans, spend the day nurturing yourself and filling your tanks with lots of self-care.

Listen to a guided meditation, get a massage and take a pre-game power nap. You’d never dream of missing the calendar turn, but you could be yawning and fighting sleep before the Times Square ball drops.

But wait! Depending where you live, New Year’s Eve could make an eleventh-hour turnaround, energetically speaking. At 9:20 pm EST, energizer Mars will leave Pisces and your domestic quarters and blaze into Aries your festive, flamboyant fifth house.

You might get a sudden urge to ditch the house party and rush to the nearest dance floor, where you can usher in 2019 in spirited Sagittarius style. If you’re hosting, make sure the Bluetooth speaker is fully charged and the playlists loaded in advance.

Mars will be in Aries until February 14, giving you seven passionate and playful weeks during which your personality gets turned all the way up.

Good times—and possibly some steamy encounters—await. And with lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius, the coming year is already off to a promising start. Your only job? Let yourself live in the moment and fully enjoy it all!

/Based On Materials From: TheAstroTwins

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