Out with the old and in with the new? Huge (and awesome) happenings are headed your way this November.

Namely, your ruling planet, Jupiter, will start a 13-month visit to Sagittarius on November 8, heralding a fresh chapter of your life that will last for more than a decade.

Yes, it really is that major, Sagittarius! And you’re ready for it since you’ve spent the past three or four years paying dues and doing lots of inner work. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity, you’ll soon start feeling like things are going your way again. Your natural-born Sagittarian luck will be back in business!

But there will be a few plot twists to navigate along the way as this month will feature three planets moving in and out of tricky retrogrades, along with another big planet, Uranus, making a sign change two days before Jupiter does. It might be hard to root into any new routines with all this change happening at once.

For the first three weeks of the month, the action is set against the backdrop of the Sun’s annual trudge through Scorpio and your sleepy, sluggish twelfth house.

Until November 22, you may feel simultaneously tired AND wired all the time, sort of like you pulled an all-nighter but still have a triple espresso coursing through your veins.

Or you could be sorting through unfinished business and tying up a million loose-ended projects. Get that stuff DONE, Sag—you’ll feel so much better once you do.

The intensity will amplify after November 6, when radical changemaker Uranus backs out of steady Taurus for a final four-month visit to Aries and your fifth house of passion, drama and self-expression.

You hosted Uranus here from March 2011 to mid-May 2018, so this is a familiar (if frenetic) vibe. While that seven-year cycle brought excitement and novelty, unpredictable Uranus also caused its fair share of emotional storm surges.

Your life was colorful—if a bit of a wild roller-coaster ride. Your love life may have had its ups and downs, or you learned important lessons about how to manage your temper and kneejerk responses.

Uranus, which is retrograde until January 6, is giving you one last round of lessons here, possibly by bringing back an ex or reprising a button-pushing situation, one that will test your ability to stay Zen.

But hey, maybe you’ll welcome that frisson of the unexpected. If things have gotten a little TOO predictable since Uranus entered Taurus and your orderly sixth house, use this time to revive the excitement—but in healthy doses!

The banner day arrives on November 8, when expansive Jupiter makes a homecoming, kicking off a visit to Sagittarius that will last until December 2, 2019. Wow!

This is a supercharged fresh start and the beginning of a brand-new 12-year chapter of your life. Jupiter takes a dozen years to come around to your sign (it was last in Sagittarius from November 24, 2006, to December 18, 2007). Look back to those dates for clues of what could resurface now—which could be a major turning point in your life.

This will be sweet relief because since October 2017, Jupiter has been in low-power mode, slogging through Scorpio and your twelfth house of rest, closure and endings. If you felt like you were constantly swimming upstream or struggling to keep your eyelids open, you’re not imagining things!

Jupiter was wrapping up its last 12-year chapter, and your mission was to “sort the crops” and figure out what you wanted to bring into this next cycle. It was a deeply reflective and internal year—sort of like a long astrological “winter.”

And while it may have felt like nothing was growing under that frozen ground, a lot of dormant seeds were beginning to germinate.

Jupiter’s arrival into your sign is like springtime, when everything is new, and the first shoots start to poke up. Or if you spent the last year weeding and pulling up all the old stuff, there’s still great news: Now the soil is fertile for planting seeds.

Shake off the planetary PTSD: You won’t feel like you’re going one step forward, two steps back. More like you’re launching a rocket ship, actually—and the biggest challenge will just be keeping up with yourself!

You’ll really feel Jupiter’s activation on November 22, when the Sun moves into Sagittarius and joins the red-spotted giant here for a month.

In fact, the luckiest day of the year—and possibly the most auspicious one you’ve had IN years—is November 26, when the confident Sun and gregarious Jupiter make their annual meetup. It will be impossible to hold onto limiting beliefs about yourself on this “go big or go home” day. Make the most of it!

The fly in the ointment, however, is that communication planet Mercury will be retrograde from November 16 to December 6, back-spinning through YOUR sign for nearly the entire time.

Don’t completely curb your enthusiasm, but be mindful who you share with because people are likely to misunderstand your messaging and intentions now. Ugh! Feel out your audience before you go full-frontal Sagittarius on them.

On the plus side, the same day that Mercury turns retrograde, Venus will END a six-week retrograde that’s been disrupting love and interpersonal harmony since October 5.

Venus has been reversing through Libra and your group-activity zone since October 31, which may have caused friction in a friendship or tension on a team. When Venus turns direct (forward) on November 16, cooperation and collaboration get back to their happy place. Whew!

There’s even more good news for your interpersonal ties: On November 23, the year’s only Gemini full moon arrives in your seventh house of committed partnerships.

Someone could propose an exciting business offer (note: tread lightly signing contracts while Mercury’s retrograde) or a romantic relationship could move to a new level of official-ness.

The next day, November 24, healing Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in Pisces and your fourth house of home, family and nurturing.

If you’ve had trouble keeping up on your self-care since June or have been out of sorts with a relative (especially female), Neptune’s forward motion in this maternal and sentimental sector will arrive just in time for the holiday season. Let the bonding begin!

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