Stability might not be the first thing your spontaneous sign reaches for, but surprise! That very quality could make your toes curl on Wednesday, April 11 as cosmic coquettes Venus and Mars assemble into a rare and harmonious earth trine (120-degree angle).

Amorous Venus is cooling her heels in Taurus and your sensible-yet-sensual sixth house. Lusty Mars is voyaging through Capricorn and your zone of practical magic. No, this heavenly hybrid might not set off a fireworks display, but it CAN draw in people with far more enduring traits.

Don’t spend every “in between” moment scrolling through Insta. Single Archers may be pierced by Cupid’s arrows in the most mundane places like the food truck line, spin studio or the mail room in your building.

A work situation might also yield a cosmic crush. Pro-tip: Your impulsive sign would be wise to read the HR manual before making any moves. If you feel genuine chemistry brewing, hold your fire and get to know each other as friends first.

In time, you’ll see what the future brings, and you won’t put your career in jeopardy in the process. Have you been caught up in a whirlwind dating situation? Wednesday’s evocative Mars-Venus formation can leave you questioning some of your recent choices—and it’s probably for the best.

Center yourself by diving back into one of your own hobbies. Be ruthless with yourself and stay committed—no skipping your Wednesday night dance class just because you-know-who texts last minute with a dinner invite!

And working out regularly can help ground you, big time. Not only will you feel more relaxed in your own skin, but the bonus rush of endorphins will amplify your lit-from-within glow. Sexy!

Already attached? Do your part to get your relationship into a grounded (but NOT boring) groove. First up, align your schedules with a shared calendar. It’s not about tracking one another’s every move! This is about staying tuned in to important dates and events, so you’re not like two ships passing in the night.

With Venus and Mars in the fiscally savvy zones of your chart, Wednesday’s talks may turn to shared finances. Have you planned ahead for all the fabulous dreams you want to live out together?

Budgeting doesn’t have to be a buzzkill, Sagittarius—and believe it or not, the discussion could come up in bed this week. But if you can’t seem to talk money without raising your blood pressure, maybe it’s time for you and bae to sit down with a financial planner who can mediate the dialogue.

If it’s a business relationship you’re stabilizing, syncing that work calendar can do wonders to keep Team Centaur aligned. Create support structures for every area of life you want to improve: Sign up for buddy workouts with your bestie or a coworker who is in spring training mode, too. This trine will definitely prove that you don’t have to go it alone. And to that, we raise a green smoothie!

Sunday’s starmap will flip on the stage lights to reveal you, fabulous you! Since March 22, you may have slipped behind the proverbial curtain as messenger Mercury retreated through your fifth house of glamour and fame.

Maybe you were working on your magnum opus or even struggling with a creative block. Whatever the case, the coming three weeks may put an unscheduled debut party on your calendar.

With Mercury now powering forward through your fifth house until May 13, you can test drive your vision with a live audience, even if you’re just starting with your innermost circle. And after three Tony Award–winning weeks of personal drama, your relationships should fall back into a calmer groove.

You’ll be more concerned with finding constructive solutions than chasing a bad romance. Speaking of which, did an ex show up for an encore performance this month? If you’re still wondering if the show must go on, the answer will become clear over the next few weeks.

Later on Sunday, the new moon in Aries brings even more new initiatives to your romantic and glam fifth house. The fashion muse strikes! And with Mercury on course, it’s safe to schedule that spring bang trim and ombre, tattoo consultation, or other game-changing style move.

New love could arrive under these moonbeams, or a renewed chapter with the amour you adore. Creative powers will be heightened this weekend. Find a project to throw yourself into between now and the corresponding Aries full moon on September 24—and don’t quit till you’ve crafted your masterpiece! /TheAstroTwins

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