Birthday season is in full swing, but the party really gets started on Wednesday, December 12, as effusive Mercury joins the playful Sun and your ruler, expansive Jupiter, in your sign—putting you in merry spirits for the rest of the year.

The cosmic communicator made an earlier visit to Sagittarius from October 31 to December 1 (including a two-week backspin), but this trip should prove more memorable with those other heavenly heavyweights in attendance.

While Mercury was skulking through secretive Scorpio for the past 12 days—on top of its recent retrograde tour—you may have deliberately tried to keep a lower profile.

Good luck doing that now, with this divine trio shining a spotlight on your every step. Don’t hide yourself away: If anything, be a little larger than life!

Plans you’ve been developing on the down-low are ready to be brought out into the open and discussed and debuted. First, though, run them by your inner circle to get any kinks out.

Think in terms of mass appeal and make any necessary tweaks for them to go viral. Are YOU happy with the final product?

With Mercury in your sign, you might be more candid and outspoken than usual, which is saying a lot. Yes, you’ll be in possession of a silver tongue…but it may be sharper-edged than you realize.

So while it’s good to let people know how you REALLY feel, be careful not to crush any egos in the process.

There’s a reason your parents can push your buttons like nobody else: Because they installed them!

This Saturday, a quarter moon in Pisces lands in your domestic fourth house, and before it can restore harmony, it might dredge up some deep-seated feelings.

Your easygoing sign tends to shrug off intense displays of the feels, but this weekend, it’s to your own advantage to use your emotions as a GPS to track some buried treasure (which might be masked by some strong sentiments).

Small things might throw you for a loop, and it won’t take much to spark your temper (but do try to keep it in check).

As the philosopher of the zodiac, you’re used to thinking, mulling and turning things on their side for a better view.

What you might discover this weekend is that you need to set some new or stronger boundaries for certain relationships.

Roommates, lovers, family, close friends—anyone who may have crossed a line, whether intentionally or inadvertently, is fair game to “talk it out” with.

Remember, though, “talking” is a two-way street, and it’s just as important that you listen—actively—to what they have to say as well.

There could be a teachable moment or two if you can let down your guard long enough to really hear them.

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