Going somewhere, Sag? You might be packing a bag and exchanging currency on Monday, January 21, when the year’s only Leo full moon illuminates your ninth house of travel and adventure—AKA the Sagittarius house.

This also happens to be a potent lunar eclipse, the “grand finale” in a two-year eclipse cycle across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017. For the past two years, you may have been mulling ways to see more of the world, launch an entrepreneurial venture, expand on a more global scale or go back to school—or teach something yourself!

This doesn’t have to look like traditional education, unless that’s what you want. You could take (or lead) a masterclass, workshop or just get involved with mentoring. Whichever side of the desk you’re on, the right subject matter can help you grow emotionally and spiritually.

Also on Monday, impassioned Mars in your amorous fifth house locks horns with cautious Saturn in your security zone. Are you holding back TOO much—or could you use a tug on the old emergency brake? Try to see things objectively, and don’t do anything rash or irrevocable.

Talk about being under a lucky star! Actually, Archer, make that TWO. On Tuesday, the celestial “benefics,” charm magnet Venus and your ruler, abundant Jupiter, hold their annual summit meeting, and this year, it’s being hosted in YOUR sign.

It might seem like you have the Midas touch and that opportunity is knocking on your every door, window and heating vent. And while this is definitely one of the most auspicious days of the year for you, nothing’s gonna happen if you’re snoozing.

Go meet the universe halfway and show you’re serious—and ready to spring into action. What message do you want to put out there; what aspects of your work, services or personality have you been keeping under wraps?

This is your moment to toot your horn and launch a serious PR campaign on your own behalf. Because love goddess Venus and global Jupiter only connect in your sign once every 12 years, anything is possible—from a long-distance affair to the successful launch of a business to a gig that pays you to travel.

The first step is knowing exactly what you want; the next is taking concrete steps to make that a reality. Ready, set, manifest!

Whatever Tuesday’s star-kissed sync-up brings, Friday’s starmap will turn your thoughts to love as lusty Mars in your fifth house of passion embraces Jupiter in your sign.

Single? A new romance could spark up out of the blue or, if you’re just getting something off the ground, it might reach cruising altitude. But don’t go looking for someone to “complete” you, Sag.

That’s an inside job, one that only you can do. Your ability to love another person is equal to your ability to love yourself! If you’re in a solid union, plan a sweet, sexy surprise for your S.O. Unexpected, bold and even out of character will get your blood racing.

The fifth house also rules creativity, so if you’re in the midst of an artistic project, give it a little more gas. You’re on the verge of something major!

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