You work hard for your money, Sagittarius, but is your money working hard for you? This Tuesday, January 9 the illuminating Sun beams onto wealth-manager Pluto in Capricorn and your second house of finances.

Simply collecting cash and stowing it in your savings account is not going to make you rich. You need to invest it, Archer, and watch it grow. As you begin to map out your 2018 fiscal goals, start exploring possibilities for making a dollar out of fifteen cents. While every investment comes with a measure of risk, this should not feel like a gamble. In other words, don’t place all your chips on one number. Aim for a diversified portfolio. If you don’t know a mutual fund from a bond, begin educating yourself.

Get friends’ and relatives’ recommendations on a financial planner who can help you figure out the safest, smartest funds to start flowing a portion of your earnings into. Many Sagittarians are fiercely entrepreneurial. This may be the year to invest in consultants who can help you put together a savvy business plan or growth strategy for the next stage of the game. Start researching this week.

With Pluto the mystical evolver in the mix, you may resonate with authors and experts who go beyond the material plane and view money as a spiritual and energetic exchange, such as Barbara Stanny and Lynne Twist. Remember that this is a process, Sagittarius! With Saturn in your sign from December 2014 to December 2017, you learned some pivotal lessons about the importance of doing thorough research before you plunge into ANYTHING. Now, with Saturn also rolling through Capricorn for three years, you’re poised to create some true security for yourself.

And don’t forget: It’s all about who you know! Let the networking spree commence on Thursday as social Mercury buzzes into Capricorn and fires up your finance house until January 31. Socializing with the right people could lead to profitable collaborations before the month is through. Is there a gap in your skill set or education? Invest in your own self-development. A winter-semester course or more customized sessions with a business coach, branding expert or specialist can do wonders.

And if a slouchy beanie and yoga pants have become your new power suit, leveling up your work wardrobe wouldn’t hurt either. Scout out leads, dress up and go circulate! If you love where you work, spend the month nurturing connections with the office influencers. Ready to start (or grow) your own thing? Make sure anything you develop is scalable. With legacy-builder Saturn in your money house for the next few years, your ventures could organically evolve into something quite epic.

With so much buzzing at work this week, Cupid could get shoved into a corner. But your love jones cannot be suppressed this weekend, Sagittarius! As radical Uranus in your romance house throws an electrifying beam to the Sun and Venus, you’re reminded that all work and no play makes you a dull Centaur—and that’s just wrong. This weekend, you want to feel sexy and desirable, full of fire sign sizzle. Add some colorful prints to brighten up your winter wardrobe or stop by the salon for some edgy nail art and maybe lash extensions—which can make getting ready in the morning even quicker for your no-fuss sign AND more glamorous, thanks to Beauty Garde’s line of oil-free eye makeup.

Single Archers will be in for some good times, even if it’s just a fun little hookup. Attached? Don’t let it stop you from bantering with the cuties. A little harmless flirting can be good for your erotic health as long as you know where to draw the line. Bat those (synthetic mink) lashes judiciously! Selective amnesia could strike under these free-wheeling skies. But “Oops, I forgot I was married!” or “Oh, I forgot YOU had a girlfriend” won’t cut it the morning after. To avoid regrets (and the guilt!) stay true to your personal integrity.

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