Your ever-expanding sign hates the idea of limits, but sometimes, Archer, boundaries are imperative.

And this week, as the Sun makes two potentially game-changing connections to heavyweight planets in your chart, you’ll have opportunities to test your border-patrol prowess!

On Tuesday, May 8 el Sol in your house of self-care makes its annual face-off with your ruler, Jupiter, in your twelfth house of mysticism and the unconscious.

Part of you is ready to dive in head-first, but a little voice deep inside you may be screaming, “Wait!” Listen up, Archer. This is your higher wisdom desperately trying to get your attention.

You may be feeling pressure from outside forces, including someone who doesn’t necessarily have your best interests at heart. Sniff out that frenemy and run full-speed in the opposite direction.

If you’re wavering on a potential deal or partnership, take adequate time to research, analyze and do the necessary background checks. Legit people won’t mind—in fact, they’re probably doing the same thing on you right now.

But don’t walk away from a promising opportunity that might actually be solid gold. On Friday, el Sol makes the first of 2018’s two trines with transformational Pluto in your work and money zone.

This will likely shift the status quo one way or another, and in cautious Capricorn, the dwarf planet is thinking long-term strategy, not quick gains. You don’t have to bet the farm to make a profit, but make sure ALL bets are relatively safe.

A good way to enrich your bottom line is with simple, sustained steps in the right direction. Cut out all extraneous expenses (HOW many magazine subscriptions do you still have?) and organize your finances.

Can you make do with one credit card, saving those annual fees, and make a point of paying cash till your bank account hits your “magic number?”

Life doesn’t have to turn into a one-Sag austerity plan, however. Treat yourself to things that bring real pleasure, but before buying any big-ticket item, sleep on it. Chances are it’ll lose its luster the next day.

Normally you’re happy to leave the details to someone else—or ignore them altogether—but you’ll be singing a different tune starting this weekend. On Sunday, minutiae-minded Mercury trots into Taurus and your sixth house of organization, systems and self-care until May 29.

All those minor trifles become hugely important and may distract you from your customary big-picture thinking. Suddenly you’re all about sweating the petty stuff, Sag! Over the next few weeks, book those wellness appointments you keep putting off. And while you’re filling your calendar, add in a massage or spa treatments to help tame the stress monster.

Another good step in that direction? Hiring a virtual assistant or learning to delegate at work. Think of the time it takes to get others up to speed as an investment in your future peace of mind.

Sunday is also Mother’s Day, so carve out some quality time for your mama or another important mother figure in your life. Around midday, the moon joins the Sun and Mercury in Taurus and your sixth house, which also rules work and service.

Don’t stand on ceremony, Sag: If there are reservations to be confirmed or changed or any chauffeuring to be done, raise your hand! Of course, if you happen to be the madre-of-honor, let others rack up some karmic brownie points and keep your “I’ll do it” impulses in check.

And should people ask you how you’d like to be feted, don’t shrug it off. Tell them exactly what would make you happy. You’ve earned this!

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