Vivacious Sagittarius, trading witty banter with strangers (and even the assorted “randos” of the world), could very well be your favorite brand of entertainment.

When you turn on your megawatt charm, people instantaneously warm to you. But does that mean they deserve an all access pass to your inner circle? Um, no.

But on Monday when rapid-fire Mars and your ruling planet, limitless Jupiter, lock into a challenging square (90-degree angle) you may have to set some clearer boundaries.

Don’t get mad at people for “invading your space”—just speak up. If you’ve been lax or overly giving, you can’t fault people for thinking you’d be cool with their nervy behavior.

Hey, they were just making themselves at home. And while you like to be generous, you may be verging into people-pleasing terrain. Tune in: Do certain people leave you feeling obligated in some way as if you owe them?

These entitled narcissists may not belong on Team Sagittarius. But if they happen to be close friends or family, start dealing with them a lot more strictly. Otherwise, they could trample you with their demands.

Asserting yourself will become a whole lot easier starting this Thursday, November 22, as the Sun blasts into your sign for four weeks and gets the Sagittarius party started. This will be an extra special birthday season for you, as your galactic guardian Jupiter is co-piloting through Sagittarius (from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019), expanding the Sun’s generous gifts.

You’ll feel lighter, freer and ready to take on daring new adventures. Your independent spirit is back at the helm: Back away, energy vampires!

The ground is fertile for your big ideas to sprout, so start pitching them to people who can help you take them to the next level. You might even team up with an influencer or someone far more established who can take your vision and run with it.

Fasten your seatbelt! Even though Mercury is retrograde in your sign until December 6, your sales pitches will be golden, which means new developments could take off at a galloping pace.

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Funders may pop up to invest in your ideas, or you could travel (often) to expand your reach.

That makes this an imperative time to get your support system in place, from a lawyer who can review contracts to coaches and advisers who can prevent you from racing into a raw deal or giving away the milk for free!

On Thursday, the full moon in Gemini illuminates your partnership house and brings yet another seal-the-deal vibe to the week. This lunar lift in your seventh house of commitments could turn a Sagittarius solo-act into a dynamic duet over the coming two weeks.

Coupled Archers may take a bold step together or mutually agree to devote more energy to date nights and other relationship-fueling activities. But with Mercury retrograde, you’ll want to think carefully before you peg anyone as partnership material.

The duplicity of the Gemini full moon alone can deliver a contradictory character—someone whose motives you can’t quite see right off the bat. When it comes to new people, give yourself until at least December 6 to do your due diligence, even waiting until 2019, if possible, to make any long-lasting decisions.

With intuitive Neptune snapping out of a five-month retrograde on Saturday, you’ll feel your Spidey senses tingling again.

Even if something (or someone) looks good in print, how do they FEEL to you?

If your heart doesn’t open and your spirit doesn’t feel lighter, this is cause to pause.

Perhaps it’s only fear that’s standing in the way. But you owe it to yourself to unpack your hesitation and ask every question on your mind in order to have those feelings assuaged.

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