Take a breather, Sagittarius, and make room in your schedule for creativity and celebration. Oh, and self-care, too.

You’re long overdue. This Tuesday, November 6, spontaneous Uranus moves back from industrious Taurus into Aries and your fifth house of romance, fame and self-expression.

Ever since the side-spinning planet moved into the Bull’s pen this past May 15, you’ve had your nose fixed to the grindstone. At the same time, your workflow may have been chaotic and unpredictable, making you feel a bit more stressed than usual.

So you’ll probably be relieved by this final four-month circuit of Uranus in Aries—an epilogue to a cycle that partied on from March 11, 2011 to May 15, 2018—and the chance it offers you to reconnect to your inner wild child. Capture this spirit for posterity…and your sanity!

When Uranus moves back into Taurus from March 6, 2019 to April 2025, you want to make sure you don’t lose it ever again. After all, what’s the point of working so hard if you can’t also play along the way?

If you’ve been refining the “Sagittarius brand,” these next four months are a stellar time to work on the image you’re putting out into the world. Solicit feedback from respected industry insiders, whether friends or pros you hire; it’ll be worth the investment.

If you make art or media, how can you bring it to the public—or make an even bigger splash? Grassroots Uranus might even point you towards group shows, local talent nights or brainstorming with community business people to see how you might promote each other with an event.

Warning: You may butt up against some strong, defiant personalities while Uranus is retrograde until January 6. That could be the universe giving you a cue to withdraw and recharge your creative batteries with some quality time on your own. It’s only in solitude that you can truly tune in to your own authentic voice.

Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio sounds the call for boundaries. Have you made too many sacrifices? Are you feeling burnt out? With this lunation activating your twelfth house of healing and transitions, you may come to the unavoidable realization that it’s time to move on from a certain aspect of your life.

At the very least, a situation needs to be “right sized” so that it works for YOU. Of course, we teach people how to treat us, Archer.

If you aren’t willing to give up some of that stubborn “I’ll do it my way” independence, how will people ever be able to support you?

Perhaps the best thing this new moon can offer is a nudge to surrender and let the chips fall where they may. You’ll be amazed by how many miracles show up when you allow things to get a little messy and let the universe have a say.

It’s gonna be all Sagittarius, all the time, starting Thursday, November 8, when the celestial highlight of the decade comes beaming your way! Your ruling planet, expansive, auspicious and all-around happy-making Jupiter launches into Sagittarius for the next 13 months, rocketing you into orbit.

With the red-spotted planet spending the last year-plus in Scorpio and your introspective twelfth house, you may have confronted some buried emotions, processed a painful loss, or discovered through a stressful situation where it was time to put up some serious boundaries.

Exhausting, to say the least! But take heart: The lucky, larger-than-life planet returns to your sign for the first time since its December 2007-January 2009 cycle. Starting this week, you are officially on notice that dreams can no longer be deferred, and anything and everything you’ve been hoping to accomplish in your life is now on the table.

Personal growth? Bucket-list travel experiences? Fame and fortune? Bring it! This rare transit is not something you want to ignore.

Between now and December 2, 2019, you are invited—make that required—to shake up your life, shuck off any limitations or self-doubt and start taking steps toward becoming the person you want to be and creating the life you crave.

Bear in mind that Jupiter offers the possibility and holds the door open, but you’ve got to do the heavy lifting, Sagittarius—and also take the gamble to walk through that portal when the gifts arrive instead of endlessly (and suspiciously) deliberating.

While Jupiter transits certainly bring chances and connections and inspiration, you need to face your fears, take some risks and put yourself out there.

Artists, musicians and performers should literally take the stage and show the world your stuff. Writers: Pick up that metaphoric pen and scribe away. No matter what your craft or superpower, this is the year to own it and pursue your bliss.

No more shape-shifting or making too many sacrifices for other people. There’s a new Sagittarius in town—and possibly several other ports of call that you’ve been dying to visit (or live in for a month here and there). Unleash your nomadic nature and give your passions top billing.

Jupiter’s energy is generous, though, so even as you’re advancing your own mission, you’ll realize it’s not a zero-sum game and that the more you help and give to others—not out of a sense of obligation but love—the more you gain in return.

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