And you didn’t think things could get hotter? On Monday, October 15, mindful Mercury mashes up with vixen Venus in smoldering Scorpio and your dreamy twelfth house.

Do you need a permission slip to indulge a few Sag-worthy fantasies? The only downside is that it IS the beginning of the workweek, and as liberated as you may feel, there are people depending on you to show up and perform. (If NOT, then by all means, have a leisurely breakfast in bed—ideally a deux!)

Whatever you do or don’t get up to, don’t rush into the rest of your day. Even if you must punch the clock, you can add playful, flirtatious touches—especially if you’re unattached. Set your dial to the Cupid channel and make a point of mingling with intriguing people.

After work, do something appropriately twelfth-house, like attending a spiritual or meditation circle—or getting into a holy rapture on the dance floor. In other matters, you can do some powerful self-healing work under this alignment simply by deciding it’s time to “get over it.”

With Venus retrograde, you’ll have to dig deeper to release that resentment or grudge. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, of course, but remember that hanging onto anger only hurts YOU.

The next day, your quicksilver mind will already be onto other important matters, namely, your money. If that mojo has been in slow-mo, Tuesday’s quarter moon in fiscally savvy (and long-sighted) Capricorn and your income zone can help you get your cash flowing again! But it’s not a magic trick, Archer.

This kind of serious fiduciary turnaround requires your full attention—and then a commitment to making some lifestyle shifts. Start by assessing your income: If you’re not being paid what you’re worth, request a sit-down with your supervisor.

If you’re self-employed, give yourself a pep talk then evaluate whether your clients can handle a 5 percent rate increase (now or come 2019). You may want to invest in training or a certification that will warrant a higher pay grade—or hire a career coach or consultant.

On a related note, where could you trim some “fat”? Small expenses add up, and you may be shocked to see how much you blow through every month on overpriced meals, impulse buys and “premium” services that aren’t justifiable. Tighten your chain belt and stay out of the red!

This weekend is perfect for clearing out your calendar and getting back into your nesting groove. (And if you’ve wanted an excuse to bow out of a commitment or three, this is it!)

With the moon lingering in languid Pisces and your domestic fourth house both days, you’ve got an ideal set-up to get cozy with your inner circle, perhaps hosting a dinner party or game night.

If you downloaded any epiphanies about your living situation around the August 26 Pisces full moon, you can get some action items in motion, Sagittarius, whether you’re hunting for an apartment or woodsy piece of land to call your own.

/Based On Materials From: TheAstroTwins

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