Financial success and business make you satisfied and happy, Scorpio. Moving on is something you also enjoy. This flush period can have the downside that some people may try to grab your hand for their own ends. Others might ask for loans. You should be cautious about who you help. You might be lying to them. Do not fall for their sob stories.

Diet is a major focus these days. It is important to choose the best foods and prepare a wide variety of nutritious meals. It is important to take your time when eating and to chew carefully. Well-chewed foods help us to avoid the danger of over-taxing digestive systems. People who gobble down food too fast end up overworking their digestive systems and finding that they are still hungry after eating.

Today’s aspect brings you the chance to try something new with your loved one. If you’ve not been on holiday with your loved one in a while, this is an opportunity to take a break and visit a romantic place. It’s your dream to be able to do something together that will last a lifetime.

“You are made of beautiful, incredible, impossible things and your trauma does not get to trick you into believing that it is the only thing about you that matters.”

Colors of the day: Olive, Black

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 4

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: T, G, V

Cosmic Tip: Solutions are within you.

Tips for Singles: Get out of your comfort zone.

Tips for Couples: Go creative between the sheets.

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