Taurus, you may be able to take some alone time today in order to get back on track. Keep independence in your heart. You don’t want to fall for a promise you broke long ago. You must adapt to the changing landscape. In a situation like this, stubborn actions can be disastrous. Give thanks for what you do have.

Today’s transit gives you the impression that you could do better things if only you had more time. Perhaps your body is telling you this. Do you feel overwhelmed by the many demands on your time and life? Don’t be afraid to take a look at yourself. Begin with your current situation and work up from there, setting realistic, gentle goals.

With today’s celestial energies, it is very clear that there are two kinds of love. There is an opportunity right now that could be just enough time to see a beautiful relationship, but it will end just as quickly if you miss it. It is important to act quickly, or you could miss the opportunity.

“You are made of beautiful, incredible, impossible things and your trauma does not get to trick you into believing that it is the only thing about you that matters.”

Colors of the day: Deep Blue, Neon Green

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, K, P

Cosmic Tip: Know the spiritual importance of others in your life.

Tips for Singles: Take decisions with patience.

Tips for Couples: Re consider your thoughts.

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