Scorpio, there is power in your heart and it might be more powerful than you think. This could make you more attractive to love and romance. It’s a great day to strike out on your own for someone you care about. You are more passionate than ever. This warmth can be shared. Sharing your love with others will make it possible for them to warm you up on cold days.

Sometimes it can be hard to pay attention, but this could be one such time! Many people are eager to help others and counteract all the pain that we have experienced over the last year. There’s a lot of excitement around the world these days. It is your job to take care of yourself, including your health, mind, and home. Focus on yourself and your well-being and you’ll be able to work with others on the planet for the betterment of all.

You reflect the energy of others around you back as a radiant mirror. The conversation has an interesting spice to it today, which means you can share some fascinating information. You can charm someone with your charming personality and engaging conversation. Your charm and witty conversation will make you too attractive to ignore.

“Maybe right now, your journey is about being alone. Maybe this is the season you are being challenged — to learn how to wake up in the middle of the bed, to finally find hope in the vacancy, hope in the quiet, hope in the way you stretch into your life and give yourself permission to take up space within it.”

Colors of the day: Mauve, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: E, T

Cosmic Tip: Keep your eye on what’s inevitable.

Tips for Singles: Keep looking around; your artistry might get you a partner.

Tips for Couples: Communication is the key to your happy relationship.

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