Celebrating milestones can have you shopping, consulting, and paying visits to other people. There might be some news you can share that people enjoy. You might see some new developments in your neighborhood. You might be seeing new businesses or neighbors, or perhaps a gathering is in the works. It promises to be an exciting, but fulfilling day.

Be available for all the healthy opportunities you will receive. Look out for opportunities to join online wellness groups. You can gradually expand the activities that you do that are beneficial to your health.

Change is on the horizon due to an intense attraction that you feel toward someone you’ve only just met. You may be surprised by some very strong feelings. You might be better off slowing down than speeding up. This is because you don’t want too much and end up making a wrong decision.

“Maybe right now, your journey is about being alone. Maybe this is the season you are being challenged — to learn how to wake up in the middle of the bed, to finally find hope in the vacancy, hope in the quiet, hope in the way you stretch into your life and give yourself permission to take up space within it.”

Colors of the day: Black, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 3, 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, H

Cosmic Tip: When you exercise, use conscious will to meditate to enhance the flow of cosmic energy through your body.

Tips for Singles: Your charm and wit are enough for people to be attracted to you instantly. Do not try to overcompensate by blabbering unnecessary things.

Tips for Couples: You may feel lost. Your partner will try to help you, but ask them for some space as you can find the way back yourself with just their support.

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