You need to have control over your thought process and the way you think about others. You have high expectations not only about others but also about yourself. You might even expect miracles to happen and change your life. However, be aware as such high expectations will end up hurting you. You need to heal yourself first before everything goes out of hand.

There are going to be no major health problems for today and you will be able to comfortably sail throughout the day. You will be taking a very relaxed and flexible approach to life. Try not to get stuck with one idea. Remember if one door closes another door will get opened up for you. Enjoy the day as it comes without keeping high expectations.

There is going to be emotional stress in your love life. You might have a lot in your mind that you would like to express. But you may not be able to express it completely to your partner. This can cause differences in opinion and there might be a communication gap. Your heavy heart needs to be opened up to your beloved.

“The more you talk about it, rehash it, rethink it, cross analyze it, debate it, respond to it, get paranoid about it, compete with it, complain about it, immortalize it, cry over it, kick it, defame it, stalk it, gossip about it, pray over it, put it down or dissect its motives it continues to rot in your brain. It is dead. It is over. It is gone. It is done. It is time to bury it because it is smelling up your life and no one wants to be near your rotted corpse of memories and decaying attitude. Be the funeral director of your life and bury that thing!”

Colors of the day: Pink, Maroon

Lucky numbers of the day: 2, 9

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: S, W

Cosmic Tips: Try to keep calm and think logically before making any decision.

Tips for Single: Go for a coffee date alone and treat yourself to some dessert

Tips for Couples: It is difficult to build a strong relationship. Understanding and patience are required.

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