Today, you are filled with positivity and positive ideas. Your mind is buzzing with innovative ideas for various aspects of life ranging from travel to passion. Your mood is lighthearted, and you will want to celebrate. You are hopping around and hoping for a beautiful prospect regarding your future. It seems that you are going to be on cloud nine.

You are done with your everyday routine and want to bring some exciting changes to it. You can start by going out for a morning walk in the park. You want to mold your boring life into a life full of enthusiasm. You are ready to involve and enjoy healthy practices! Finally, you have realized the importance of a healthy and sound body and mind.

You are in a romantic mood today. Your partner is going to get lucky. Your passion and attraction towards them will excite both of you. It is also possible that a lost love will resurface and rekindle your flames of emotion. If you are committed, then beware of such old relations. You would not want to hurt your partner.

“I forgive you. But just because I forgive you doesn’t mean I want to continue to be your friend. It doesn’t even mean I respect you as a man/woman because you are not. You are a miserably scared little boy/girl who can’t tell when to let go and when to hold on. You will never be worth my time nor my friendship.”

Colors of the day: Pista, Powder Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 6, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: V, R

Cosmic Tip: Enjoy life while it lasts.

Tips for Singles: You are in love with yourself and want to love yourself even more.

Tips for Couples: You are in a romantic mood so making love is the best surprise you can plan.

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