You might have an unusual and disturbing dream tonight about Scorpio, your friend. You may be woken up by it. If possible, write it down. It might help you release some emotions and clarify what caused the dream. Don’t worry! It’s possible that it is symbolic, and not prophetic.

With all the energy out there, it can be difficult to see the forest from the trees. You thrive when you keep your perspective a constant reminder of the bigger picture. On the other hand, you can be focused on one thing at a given time. To create a healthy life structure, use celestial energy. Yoga is one example. Get a mat and a water bottle. You can schedule your practice so you only have to do it a couple of times per week. You will make great progress if you have the right perspective and determination.

Could it be a ship passing by at night? Or is this the real deal? It is best to carefully consider any offer before you make major decisions. You could end up with the love of your life or a great friendship. Do not let it go – spend some time getting to know each other.

“Just because your mind tells you that something is awful or evil or unplanned or otherwise negative doesn’t mean you have to agree. Just because other people say that something is hopeless or crazy or broken to pieces doesn’t mean it is. We decide what story to tell ourselves.”

Colors of the day: Ultramarine Blue, Grey

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: F, O

Cosmic Tip: Compete with yourself and focus on making yourself a better person.

Tips for Singles: One-sided crush does not take you anywhere.

Tips for Couples: If something bothers you about your partner, make sure to tell them in a polite way.

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