Things will be smooth for Taurus. You don’t have to move a muscle. This day is a gift. You will succeed if your goal is to do something. Today’s energy is in your DNA.

Patience can be a virtue. But you don’t necessarily need to learn patience. I’d advise you instead to think before you do, or some other similar advice. Although you may not be perfect, you are more likely to take action than think. You can cultivate a ‘kinetic’ attitude in your body by engaging in endurance sports like running, swimming, or power yoga. You can achieve your goal by pacing yourself.

You might seem distant to your partner. Although you have the potential to make a huge breakthrough in your beloved relationship, it seems like you have put yourself behind glass. You can only see your love, but they can’t touch you. You don’t have to wait for your pride to give way in order to reach out and tell the truth.

“Just because your mind tells you that something is awful or evil or unplanned or otherwise negative doesn’t mean you have to agree. Just because other people say that something is hopeless or crazy or broken to pieces doesn’t mean it is. We decide what story to tell ourselves.”

Colors of the day: Purple

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: Y, P

Cosmic Tip: Reflect on what’s within and what really matters.

Tips for Singles: Just let those hidden feelings out.

Tips for Couples: Probably a candlelight intimacy might brighten it up.

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