Dear Scorpio, if you have been wanting to get ahead in life, this month offers you the best of opportunities. But self-doubts can cause some problems this month. You mustn’t let dilemmas gloom your happiness because a happy mind is a key to success.

If you feel that talking to someone experienced can help you overcome such feelings, go for it without even a second thought.

Minor health issues could claim your attention this month. It could be anything ranging from headache to back pain to an upset stomach. The primary reason behind these health problems is perhaps your anxiety and the stress that you have been taking.

Mental health is really important, dear Scorpio. If you are not fit mentally, you cannot be physically healthy either. Both need equal attention from your side.

Self-doubts seem to be creeping in this month, more so because you are afraid that you will not be able to perform well. But if you have dared to begin afresh, why not try to deal with your worries as well?

They are baseless and will only prevent you from achieving your goals. You must not let evil win. If someone in your family has been through the same, talk to them about it.

Colors of the month: Red, Green

Lucky Numbers of the month: 4,9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, K

Cosmic Tip: Do not lose faith in yourself.

Tips for Singles: Keep walking ahead on this path because this is the right one.

Tips for Couples: You may not be able to share the experiences with your partner, but you can at least share the memories!

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