This month is favorable for you, your intuitions will be great, and you will not let anything pass. This period will go smoothly without any hassles. Plenty of opportunities are waiting for you and the ambiance this whole month will be charming. Your sixth will be powerful so you will be able to achieve many unexpected things. You will meet with new possibilities to open new business ventures. You will be able to transform your old habits.

Your health will be beautiful this month. Planets are in the right place and there will be no serious health issues. Regular medical care will help cure seasonal diseases. With good health, your mood will be joyful and excited. Chronic diseases will remain under control. You should make healthy diet plans and regular exercise your priority in order to maintain good health. Involving yourself in relaxation techniques will help in reducing your anxiety.

It is predicted that you will face difficulties in career growth this month. Star placements are negative making your relationship with seniors and colleagues turbulent. You will not be able to achieve your targets in time and the company will not provide any financial benefit to you. If you are a business owner then you will see huge profits coming your way. Money from unexpected sources will come. Wait patiently to see progress in your career.

You will be passionate this month. No matter how things go, you will still work hard for it. On the love aspect, your partner will shower you with love and care this month. You will make plans with your partner for your future with them. What you wish will start becoming true from the second week of the month. Single people will go and start looking for dates and they will be successful in it.

There are fewer chances of benefits from traveling this month. Start placements will offer you various opportunities to travel in and out of town. Business relations may or may not expand. It depends on you whether you make the necessary efforts for it or not. Do not travel frequently this month because they might prove a disaster. It is advised to go jogging each day of this month to maintain your physique.

Colors of the month: Brown, Black

Lucky numbers of the month: 7, 3, 1

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: G, M

Cosmic Tip: Do not take everything on your heart.

Tips for Singles: Explore the beauty around you.

Tips for couples: Do not keep secrets from your partner.

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