Dear Leo, you can experience some sort of stress this week. This could be due to some misunderstandings in your personal life or due to some work-related problem. Your worries will claim all your attention this week and you can feel restless about not being able to help yourself. However, you must retain your patience and wait for this time to pass instead of stressing over such insignificant people and matters this week.

After a long time, you have finally regained the enthusiasm to work on your exercise schedule. You are more focused on your diet this week because you are becoming increasingly cautious of your physique with every passing week. It is good to care for yourself, but you should not get obsessed with your body. Instead, you should try to work on your mental health because you are not in a good mental space this week.

Dear Leo, your work-life happens to be the embodiment of your creativity and focus. You give in all you can to get your job done on time and with precision. But the hostile environment at your workplace is restricting you from giving your best this week. You can feel the negative energies surrounding you and this can prove to be detrimental as far as your career is concerned.

Unexpectedly, things are moving in the wrong direction. You are unable to decide about anything, essentially because you fear that you will end up making the wrong choice. While it is wise to think several times before arriving at any conclusion, you are overthinking this week. Too many thoughts and too many emotions – both are equally harmful to you this week. So, try to distract yourself this time.

You can feel exhausted from all the stress that you have been experiencing. But the things that have been worrying you are probably insignificant matters or will soon subside. These are not permanent problems and not worth sacrificing your peace for. Rather than lying back and overthinking, try visiting a new cafe or a new restaurant in your city and it will be even better if you have a company!

Colors of the week: Pink, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2,5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: H, W

Cosmic Tip: Avoid overthinking this week.

Tips for Singles: Meeting a friend can be refreshing.

Tips for Couples: Some quality time with your loved one is all you need.

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