The stars will make you feel focused and determined this week, dear Scorpio. Everyone will get to see your hidden skills and talents through any task or project given to you. Your mind might be wandering from the past few days and from today you will get opportunities to get it back to focus. However, you need to take care of what is going to get out of your mouth as progress can be lost.

You have now realized what is healthy for your body and what is not. You might also have changed your regular meals into healthy meals. If you are thinking you will start to see positive results very soon then you are wrong. It takes time for a habit to show positive results. Patience is what you need this week. You can also try to transform the unhealthy habits of your loved ones into healthy ones.

If you are looking for a job then you will probably get a lucrative job offer but it may require you to move to a different city or even another country. This may not be accepted by your family members. Although, the job can seem very attractive at first you cannot just leave everything behind because a job requires you to do so. Take different factors into consideration before accepting this offer.

Your mood for the week is uncertain. Be extra careful when it comes to dealing with sensitive people. It is also a great week for taking decisions and making confrontations. You are likely to be put into some uncomfortable situations which you have been avoiding recently and these situations require you to take some very tough decisions. However, you will make the right decisions under pressure, and eventually, it will positively impact your life.

You will notice that your stress levels have dropped down gradually. This is because of your dedication to your healthy routine and a healthy diet. You will also notice that problems related to your digestion have also gone so you can finally enjoy your delicious treats. This week calls for a celebration so gather your friends, and go to your favorite place to enjoy your favorite meals. But do not go overboard in doing so.

Colors of the week: Watermelon, Iris

Lucky numbers of the week: 5, 2

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: D, J, G

Cosmic Tip: Health issues can come back again within a blink of an eye so try to look after your health.

Tips for Singles: Somebody close to you can confess their feelings to you in the coming days.

Tips for Couples: If you notice that your partner is bothered by something and don’t want to tell you then do not force them. They will tell you when they are ready.

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