Be prepared with your guards on and spinal cord upright. You will be facing some challenges and therefore, you have to take cautious steps. There are going to be conflicts in your relationship and if you are married try to take a calmer approach. There are going to be differences of opinion between you and your partner which might result in serious problems. Try to be understanding and don’t let your demanding attitude spoil the relationship.

You need to be careful with your health this week. Your health will be fluctuating and you need to understand that taking appropriate rest is mandatory. You might be experiencing a disturbing phase of life where the workload and stress from domestic pressure might be causing disturbances in sleep. There are going to be new responsibilities which will be expected to be undertaken by you. You will be overburdened with work and this will affect your health drastically.

You will be receiving mixed results concerning your career. There are going to be days where you will be feeling very low and dejected. There are also going to be days when your business will be flourishing and will be able to set new records in the sale. There may be small traveling that needs to be done for your business meetings. There can also be a small change in the schedule of your work. However, be careful and try to keep your patience. Especially entrepreneurs need to be very careful with every move they undertake. Avoid getting engaged in any kind of argument.

In terms of relationship and commitment, you will be facing challenges. However, these obstacles can be overcome by mutual understanding and with the help of little adjustment. Don’t let your over-demanding nature ruin the relationship. Some comprise is always required in a relationship.

You will need to delay the plan of traveling this week. There are going to be times in the week when you feel lost and your scattered thoughts may provoke you to take hasty decisions. There can be possibilities of you traveling for conducting business which will bring profits for your company.

Colors of the week: Purple, Honey

Lucky numbers of the week: 5, 9

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: G, L

Cosmic Tips: You might end up repenting if you don’t control your temper.

Tips for Single: Nurture your inner self and enjoy the time alone.

Tips for Couples: Be patient and try to be more understanding to your partner.

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