Dear Scorpio, it’s time to move out of your comfort zone and try hard to become someone you always desired to be. This week has come up with an end number of opportunities for you. You will find yourself ending up in an all-new state if you embrace them. Though you always try to give your best effort. But now it’s high time to strive to give your best in every activity you perform.

This upcoming week, you may feel a kind of headache because of the stress that is going on in your life. But there is nothing to worry about, a good sleep would align everything. Moreover, it is recommended to maintain your fitness regime coupled with some advice which includes having a proper meal and the proper intake of liquids. Keep up with these few measures you will see a change in yourself.

Scorpios, this week has come up with great news that could be an appraisal or promotion. You may get a chance to work on your dream project. So, all you have to do this week is to prepare yourself for even better things. Also, it is recommended to you that you don’t bind yourself to a thing as the sky’s the limit. Moreover, stay away from any conversation which can turn into an argument.

Dear Scorpio, it is a great week and the best part is your mood throughout the week. You might feel a bit gloomy when the week starts but as it will pass there are so many events that are planned for which will level up your whole mood. You might be anxious about your work targets but trust me you have got even better things in line waiting to happen this week. Also, you might get a chance to meet a loved person of yours this week.

Colors of the week: Green, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the week: 3,7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, P

Cosmic Tip: Your musings are your greatest warrior.

Tips for Singles – Enjoy your own company and fall for yourself first.

Tips for Couples – Spending time together is the solution to every problem

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