Dear Scorpio, this week you might need to pull your brave face forward to acknowledge and embrace the changes that are about to come your way. You will feel extremely calm even in stressful situations and it will make all the difference. You will have no trouble in understanding your partner and they will return the favor to you by bringing you happiness and wish fulfillment.

Dear Scorpio, you are doing good in the matter of health. It is the result of all the fitness regimes you were following for the past weeks. This week, you will realize the need to take into account the wellness of your family members, as well. Bonding over walks and workouts will bring you close to them. It will keep all of you motivated to follow a healthy way of staying fit.

Dear Scorpio, this week you are going to be very busy with your professional matters. Many new projects will come your way. Some will resonate with your passion, and others will challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone. In a broader aspect, it will prepare you for new opportunities that are coming your way in the following weeks. It will help you to learn aptitude, and you will feel content with your progress.

Life seems cold and calculated today. You may feel lonely and distant from your friends. This is ok, particularly if it makes you feel the need to think things over or find a new perspective about a situation that has upset your equilibrium. You will return to harmony.

As you travel, there may openings for multiple detours as you find things that interest you. Though enticing, avoid impulsive changes to your plan. You have already mapped out your entire trip, it is better that you stick to it. If you deviate too much from the original plan, you may lose the chance to experience things that truly fascinate you. Yes, the things that you take a detour for are interesting but think about what is really important to you before setting out.

Colors of the Week: Red, White

Lucky Numbers of the Week: 3, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, S, P

Cosmic Tip: Follow your gut feeling, it never lies to you.

Tips for Singles: Seek friendship before falling in love!

Tips for Couples: A relationship works only when the two counterparts respect each other’s opinions.

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