You are a little disappointed in your life, dear Scorpio. You have so many complaints about your life but you have nobody to share them with. You wish to escape this life and go to a place where you could make a fresh beginning. Where there will not be people who would judge you for your choices. You wish to express yourself freely. This week is the week when you will have the courage to do that.

You will be well this week, dear Scorpio. However, someone from your family or close relative might not be well. They may be feeling a little weak. So, you must go to help them to do their chores. But be careful not to contract their viruses and germs. You must maintain a safe distance and take all the precautionary measures. Also, eat healthy to remain fit and drink 8-10 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated.

You will receive big news this week, dear Scorpio. You will get the break or change that you have been craving for so long. You will get new opportunities to make a fresh beginning and you must make the most out of it. This week is a fortunate week for you. You will be able to communicate with your seniors and colleagues freely and with confidence.

You are feeling confused about your emotions this week. You have got the change that you desired for which is good. But along with that change, more responsibilities will come. The uncertainty of your journey after this change will scare you. You are afraid to mess things up and do not know if you could meet the expectations. Be confident in your abilities, you will make it through this challenge also.

There is not much at the travel front this week, dear Scorpio. You will spend most of your time at home this week, planning the next steps. So, in a way, you will plan your “journey” to the future. Other than that, you will have a normal week. You might go to a nearby general store for grocery shopping or other essentials.

Colors of the week: Orange, Yellow, Green

Lucky numbers of the week: 1, 5, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: E, G, O

Cosmic tip: You have the capability to break the stereotypes and rise above them.

Tip for singles: You should not be afraid of what others think of you and do as you wish.

Tip for Couples: Do not let your ego get between your love.

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