Dear Scorpio, your week might not go as you planned it in your mind. There will be a lot of unplanned meetings, arguments, and callings. You will get to meet friends and your partner. And you might also get into some petty fights over trivial things with them. You have to be patient and welcoming towards the events that are going to happen. If you lose calm or get disinterested, then new troubles will brew in your life.

You should start taking good care of your health. It is because you are losing your good physique and metabolism rate. Towards midweek, you might also get a severe headache, and your eyes will also get blurry. It is your call to visit an eye specialist and get your vision tested. You cannot have 6/6 vision throughout your life. If you want to eat lavish dinners on the weekend, you must start dieting from Monday.

Dear Scorpio, it is clear that your professional choices are unclear to you. You might feel a lot of self-doubt concerning your unavailability of work. But you have to understand that a little rain is mandatory for a rainbow. So, if you want a flourishing career, you have to start now and work dotingly towards it. It is because consistency is the key to the completion of the goal.

Oh, dear Scorpio, this week you will get into some petty fights that will upset you. You might feel frustrated and clueless. It is because you have no stability in life at the moment. However, towards the weekend, you will find new opportunities to work. You must not lose your confidence in the self-doubts that you are letting into your mind. You must find a way out.

This week, you will find an urge to go out a lot more than you usually do. And good for you, you will also find numerous ways to make it happen. Your weekdays will go by in planning your weekend, and on the weekend, you will get to sit back and relax with your friends at some luxurious place. It will make you feel liberated for the time being. You can also opt for game night at your friend’s place.

Colors of the week: Yellow, Purple, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the week: 1, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: F, R

Cosmic Tip: Hold onto the people you care for as they are precious.

Tips for Singles: You don’t have to be kind to the people who hurt you in the past.

Tips for Couples: Find the things that interest your partner and make them feel special.

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