Dear Scorpio, last week was all about the excitement around a family trip. You had been planning to go for this for quite some time, and when this is finally done, you feel joyous about the numerous memories that you have made during this trip.

But at the same time, you also need to resume work even though you might feel tired after the wonderful experiences you have garnered last week.

Your health has not been doing very well these days. The reason behind your decision to go out for a nice trip was essential because you needed to take a break from work.

Although it was refreshing, it was also equally tiring. But hey! Are you sure you are not trying to cover up for any illness that requires immediate attention? Seek medical help and let the doctor examine if everything is fine.

This week, your work needs you to pay attention to it more than ever. You may have thought that a trip outside of work will enable you to focus when you are back with a renewed spirit.

But after you are back, you only feel more distanced from your colleagues and your job. Escape is never the solution, dear Scorpio, and you must have realized that after what you just experienced.

This week, you can feel overwhelmed by the emotions that so strongly surround you. From the fulfilling experiences of the vacation with your loved ones to the workload that you had been trying to escape from, everything is exerting some sort of mental pressure on you and you feel like going back to the place again. But like you have already seen, it is only going to make things worse.

This week, there is no chance of you traveling as you have just returned. However, unforeseen circumstances like something related to work could require travel to another city.

Although you are a bit tired, you should not let go of this opportunity. It is the chance for a strong comeback and missing out on this chance can have an everlasting impact on your career, which you certainly can’t afford.

Colors of the week: Yellow, Green

Lucky Numbers of the week: 3,5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with J, M

Cosmic Tip: Let the experiences sink in to fill you with courage.

Tips for Singles: You need to prioritize your work over anything else this week.

Tips for Couples: The memories you have garnered shall remain, so focus on the job at hand.

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