Aries: Swears loudly while running around trying to find a light switch.

Taurus: Laying on the floor hoping for the best.

Gemini: Laughs… Until they remember the internet is out too.

Cancer: shrugs and goes back to sleep.

Leo: Leave the house, and comes back when they know the power is back.

Virgo: Pulls out their generator and charges their phone.

Libra: Grabs a candle and starts to write/draw something they’ve been meaning to.

Scorpio: Moves around the house scaring the shit out of their family.

Sagittarius: Runs around the neighborhood filming a pretend survival video.

Capricorn: Calls the electric company, the weather channel, and their friends to figure out what the fuck is going on.

Aquarius: Tries to “fix it” by attaching a coat hanger to their roof and waiting for lightning.

Pisces: Finds their pets, and cuddle with them.

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