I want to see what all of the different Taurus traits are and compare them to mine. Could I actually call myself a “true Taurus?” Can you? Let’s find out.

1. The Stubborn Bull

We Taurus are known to be very stubborn people. I don’t know about you but I kind of like to get my way and be right, is that stubborn of me?

Don’t even try to get the last word in, because I will fight you for it. I really don’t give up either.

Have you ever seen a bull give up chasing that damn, red flag? Yeah, me either. Stubborn? That’s a check!

2. Sensual and Tactile

I’m a hugger. Ask me if I want to cuddle or hold hands? Always. A Taurus is all about the touch.

Whether it be a friendly touch or a full out sexual kind of touch, a Taurus wants that. I want that. Five stars to sensual touch!

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3. Devoted

We are also said to be devoted people who don’t give up easily. Uhm, anyone else? If I’m in something, it’s not likely that I’ll quit.

I stick it out until the end. My last relationship was on and off for years, not one of those break-ups was me. Through every hard time, I was dedicated AF and didn’t give up.

I only gave up when I was forced to; reasonable, I think. Chalk up being devoted for me too.

4. Patience

I was never patient, so I thought. When it comes to food, nope. You want me to wait an hour for food?

I can’t! I had a friend point out to me that I’m actually a pretty patient person. For me to stick out that relationship I was talking about and wait for this person time and time again,

I had to be patient to some extent. That’s an iffy one. Give it half a star.

5. Dislike of Sudden Changes

This is one I haven’t heard of before, but while researching I found that Taurus hate sudden changes.

For me, that’s so true. If someone changes plans on me last second, I get anxiety and freak out.

If we are leaving at 4:15 and now it’s 4:00, my bull rears her ugly head and you don’t wanna see her come out. 100% me for this trait.

6. Do Anything for Loved Ones

Family laughing together

A Taurus is very reliable, so when it comes to friends and family, we don’t take sh*t. If you mess with our loved ones, you better be ready to handle our wrath. I personally would do anything for the people I love. This one gets all the checks.

After my research and talking it through, I don’t think I can deny it. I am a true Taurus. With being stubborn, patient, and devoted, I can’t hide the bull inside anymore.

F*ck with someone I love and I’ll let her out, ready to rage. A stubborn bull I am and I’ll always fight for my way!

While we may never know if we are truly the way we are because we were born during a certain time, we will continue to wonder if the stars are watching out for us. Maybe we’re just making it up in our heads and it’s a whole psychological thing.

VIAChelsea Blake
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