Taurus child will be a very practical and serious child unlike Aries or Libra who are considered to be very naughty in their childhood. They are one of those children whom we can refer as mamma’s boy or Dad’s son as they listen to almost everything to what their parents have to say. But being silent does not necassarily mean they are obedient, sometimes out of fear they may not be sharing everything with their parents and may be doing things behind their back.

They are also very stubborn and once they decide to have something than they want it by hook or by crook. This may be the only problem which the parents of Taurus child may face. Taurus child may even fight or keep arguing to an extent where the parents may become frustrated and end up being sick of him. Taurus child likes to be in a comfortable environment and they like to be in a peaceful mood. They will even prefer friends who are not over enthusiastic or over energetic.

They value their friendship as much as they value their mom-dad’s commands. For them, materialistic things are not as important as things which gives them real happiness and that is peace, friends and a stable life. For them status is very important and they can get easily influenced by people around them. They are also those types of kids who will ask new things from their parents if they find their friends having those things.

Overall they are very good and well mannered kids who are obedient towards their parents but they can get wayward if their parents consider their silent nature as being a good child. With right parenting skills and guidance, they can turn out to be great human beings in future.

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