You look and feel good today, and your social media self might look even better. Projecting an idealized version of yourself online is generally harmless, as long as you know what you are doing and keep it in perspective.

If someone pushes back on you there, however, don’t get aggressive in response. You are better off without the turmoil of a real fight over something you know is a little bit fake. Withdraw from the conflict as peacefully as you can.

Communication with at least one person could go off on bizarre tangents. You might also sense that it’s necessary to read between the lines regarding what they say and the reality of their situation.

But with the current climate prone to misunderstandings and inaccurate conclusions, wait until you have proper conversations with anyone who has been distant before making any assessments.

Mars begins its transit of your solar third house today, dear Taurus. Until June 11th, this transit will motivate, energize, and animate your daily affairs, personal interests, conversations, and connections.

You can be pretty excited to learn, connect, and pursue your interests during this cycle. At times, impatient moves or communications can be a problem. Otherwise, it’s an excellent period for getting things done and feeling pleasantly engaged.

New interests and contacts you make in the weeks ahead can be significant. You could find renewed motivation to pursue subjects that have dropped off the radar.

Mercury and Uranus are heading into alignment in your sign (Venus just did the same), helping you worry less about problems and tune into potential opportunities. It’s an excellent time to generate ideas or develop a spark of interest in a new topic.

Your desire for more independence and spontaneity is strong, and you want to express yourself freely or get things off your chest.

You might turn over a new leaf on a mental level. Career news may also be in focus. There can be a learning breakthrough or a satisfying resolution to a problem.

Today’s Quote: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Till your good is better and your better is best.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 1, 21, 25, 26, 46, 48

Daily Compatibility: Pisces

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