Love life revelations can shine inspiring lights on new experiences on offer. If matters of the heart have ticked along tediously, then you could feel spurred to explore what may have been seen as over the top in the past.

Passionate progress relies on your imagination fired up in the way it is now. That’s how you’ll spot the hidden potential waiting to be discovered.

A sense of physical and emotional renewal can be just the inspiration you need today, especially if you’ll be spending time with a sweetheart at some point.

Your self-care rituals will take on a decidedly sensuous flair today, putting you in a perfect mood for romance later in the day.

You might also be inspired to dress with finesse because finally, after many Moons, you’re feeling your mojo pretty intensely and you want to look your best. Just the promise of romantic fun is already putting a smile on your face.

Love may seem to have very little to do with all the tangible and earthy things that you normally associate with it, like a sensual caress, or a beautiful gift.

The planetary transits mean that you may instead find yourself in some kind of power struggle, whereby you want to do one thing, and your love interest wants to do something else. With patience you can sort it out.

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