It will be difficult to keep things in balance today, Taurus. This is a serious matter that will be needed now more than ever. In situations when there is a conflict between the old and the new, you might become an arbiter. Make the most of these opportunities. You must be a part of the deal. You can use your communication skills to bridge the gap.

The human need to see things from a different perspective can be acute for some people. Regular exercise is the best way to achieve this kind of perspective. Your skin’s quality is affected by the flow of blood. Your skin quality also relies on your diet and an adequate intake of Vitamin C.

Today’s astral energy could mean someone takes the first steps towards getting to know and understand you better. You may be invited to dinner by them, but it’s not about where you go, it’s about how you feel throughout. Both of you will be delighted to finally get together.

“Some mornings you will wake up and your scars will ache, and some mornings you will wake up and you will fumble with all of the hope dripping from your fingertips. This is your growing, your healing, the balancing of the scales within your bones. You will be high and you will be low, but you will never be empty. You will never be empty.”

Colors of the day: Cyan

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G

Cosmic Tip: In whatever situation, try not to lose yourself.

Tips for Singles: Rekindle your passion with ex lover and relish in it to the fullest.

Tips for Couples: Your partner could be demanding of your time and attention.

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