Scorpio’s emotions and actions align well, which means you are likely to follow your beliefs more closely. You will be busy and not in trouble with this wonderful combination of energies. No one will be able to argue with you or your beliefs as long as they are true to you. You don’t have to excuse yourself for anything.

If you feel it’s time for a rest, consider this: it’s important to take days off from your workouts, but ask yourself if you’re bored and just want something different. It’s not your body asking for rest, it’s your mind seeking out new activities. You can develop variety and compassion in your exercise routine to help you respond with discipline and compassion. This is a healthy combination.

The planets’ energy makes love a laughable matter, which is something you should be grateful for, especially if your life has been difficult. Although you may not have intended to meet someone, going to a place tonight might prove pivotal. It will not be your sense of humor that brings you together, but rather the shared laughter.

“Some mornings you will wake up and your scars will ache, and some mornings you will wake up and you will fumble with all of the hope dripping from your fingertips. This is your growing, your healing, the balancing of the scales within your bones. You will be high and you will be low, but you will never be empty. You will never be empty.”

Colors of the day: Red, Purple, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, B

Cosmic Tip: Breathing and thinking are deeply interconnected

Tips for Singles: Looks do not matter. What matters is how you are

Tips for Couples: Expectations slowly rot a relationship from inside

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