What appears to be solid ground could actually be quicksand, Leo. Pay attention to where you step. It’s possible to misunderstand people and make it hard to communicate with them. Your emotions can be quite stable, which is a good thing. No matter what happens, your inner peace should keep you calm and centered.

You might feel playful or especially friendly towards your spouse, children, and friends. This energy can be expressed to loved ones in a loving and caring way. You may have needs that you don’t often express to the people you care about. Use this opportunity to communicate your needs in a fun or casual way. Encourage those that are dear to you to observe the parts of you that you want to show.

Can you trust everything you hear or should you verify your facts? It is possible that your issues are confused by the day’s planetary configuration. You or your loved ones feel something is wrong, but it’s hard to know what. Talking may cause confusion and make things worse. Let the day mellow and you may feel more clear.

“Some mornings you will wake up and your scars will ache, and some mornings you will wake up and you will fumble with all of the hope dripping from your fingertips. This is your growing, your healing, the balancing of the scales within your bones. You will be high and you will be low, but you will never be empty. You will never be empty.”

Colors of the day: Red, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: O, J, E

Cosmic Tip: Awake your spirituality and spiritual gifts.

Tips for Singles: Happiness does not need outside convivence.

Tips for Couples: Never force your partner into agreeing with you.

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