The Moon moves into your work sector today, dear Taurus, and you are ready and willing to roll up your sleeves and tend to business.

In fact, the nittier and grittier the better, as your focus today is on the little things that are not working and need special attention. It’s a good day for taking something apart and putting it back together in a better way.

However, keep things on an experimental level only with two aspects that suggest misjudgment today. Watch for some insecurity in your self-expression. If others seem to want you to prove yourself, you may get better “results” if you quietly refuse to stoop to that level.

With Venus, your ruler, and dreamy Neptune forming a minor challenging aspect, just hours before Venus moves into your sign, you’re inclined to jump to conclusions far too quickly.

Look for a healthy way to escape instead. Your imagination and private world can be especially appealing now.

You’re eager to establish priorities so you can accomplish those chores you deem the most important.

However, you may be struggling to separate your dreams from reality while nebulous Neptune plays a cosmic game of hide-and-seek with your key planet Venus.

If you can’t discern the truth now, there’s little chance you will employ logic to make the best choices.

Relinquish your need to intellectually know all the contingencies; instead, let the feelings in your gut inform your current decisions. Sometimes you must take a leap of faith and hope that trust will follow.

While today may look and feel like any other day, this is in fact the first full day of the rest of your life. As cliche as that might sound, Venus’ return to Taurus today opens doors that over the next seven weeks will lead to bigger and bigger doors.

Three weeks before your birthday month and new solar year and what that will eventually lead onto begins, Venus’ return to Taurus today is a chance to listen to your heart.

Author F.E. Higgins said, “What is life if not a gamble?”

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Fair

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 21, 31, 36, 41, 47, 49

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

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