The Moon spends all day today and tomorrow in your adventure sector, stimulating a craving for a break from the routine or a change of scenery, dear Taurus.

The Moon meets up with Saturn in this sector today, however, and this can point to a block or responsibility that gets in the way of exploration, whether this is a mental or physical adventure.

Alternatively, this can indicate a desire to get serious about something you’re learning, and it’s a great time to do some research or homework. Serious learning, studying, and thinking fare beautifully now. As the day advances, however, try to be a little more vigilant with your communications with Mercury and Jupiter heading for an awkward angle.

Timing and judgment can be a bit off, and impatience can get the best of you. Rein in expectations so that a good mood is based on reality rather than an unattainable fantasy.

If you are not truly in touch with your feelings, you could be unintentionally taking others on a ride with your vacillations. Focus on long-term goals for best results now.

You may find yourself in an awkward situation where others are looking to you as a source of knowledge now.

Unfortunately, you might think you don’t know as much as you should in order to be taken as an authority on the subject at hand.

However, your uncertainty could motivate you to learn everything you can as quickly as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with working harder to be at the top of your game. Any effort you put in today will pay off for a long time to come. Expand your mind, expand your world.

The Moon might return to an adventurous part of your chart every four weeks, but this time is different.

As the last visit before Mars leaves and the first since Saturn and Pluto turned retrograde here, a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure is infused with both a sense of nostalgia and a passion for adventure.

Mars wants to push forward, but the doors are also open to the past and second chances. In the early weeks of your new solar year, this is waking you up to what’s possible.

Today’s Quote: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. ”

Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 21, 33, 36, 42

Daily Compatibility: Capricorn

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Excellent

Business: Fair

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