The New Moon today occurs in your solar third house, dear Taurus, and this signals busy weeks ahead. You’re motivated to make valuable, happy connections and contacts, learn new things, improve your skills, and come up with new ideas.

You more readily reach out to others and meet up with opportunities and benefits in so doing. This is one of the best times of the year for writing, beginning new courses, projects, and interests, speaking engagements, and making friends.

A lovely aspect between Venus and Pluto occurs close to the New Moon and effectively imprints it with its energies. Fortunately for you, this is an excellent influence for personal appeal and growth through your relationships and experiences.

This can be a time of healing, positive reinforcement. You are drawn to or actively seek new faces and places. Your patience and insight bring in positive vibes and attention.

You gain a stronger sense of your priorities and the things and people you value most. This is a good time for bonding through the sharing of your visions and ideals.

Calling all culture vultures! Check the local listings during today’s page-turning new moon in Cancer and your third house of friendship and neighborhood affairs.

A bookstore or the library might be hosting a lecture series and how about checking out that area band that’s been getting buzz? Shop small businesses in your ‘hood to keep the local character and flavor.

Who knows? You might even stumble upon an Olympic-sized outdoor pool (with an amazing snack bar, of course). Chatting up your neighbors can bring a sense of belonging, and, ultimately, inspiration. There’s something that feels so wonderful about building new, stimulating friendships. Kindred spirits unite!

As the Moon leaves your income sector hold onto both a nose for money and a better appreciation of some of the financial challenges of recent weeks.

When the Sun and Mercury left your income sector earlier in the week this defused the pressure between income and money matters, with any financial tension dropping back. Financial tension was only ever a delivery system for important information and messages, something you’re now able to revisit.

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16, 19, 25, 27, 30, 44

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