Uranus, currently transiting your sign, has begun its yearly five-month retrograde cycle, dear Taurus. While Uranus was direct and in your sign in recent months, confidence in your pursuit of new experiences and expression of your independence has been evident.

However, with Uranus now retrograde until January 10th, more is going on inside of you than on the surface. Use this time to get in touch with what is driving your behavior. Examine which fears or attitudes have been limiting your independence and personal truth.

Plans may be put on hold or could slow down, whether this is due to circumstances or because you are not as quick to make changes or take personal risks.

Mercury has just moved into your sector of home and family today and will continue to influence this part of your solar chart until the 29th. Mercury spent some time here in June and July but then backed up due to a retrograde and didn’t have a chance to complete its transit.

Going forward, you’ll get the opportunity to resume conversations and projects or plans with family and those related to house and home. Projects might gain momentum now. It’s an excellent time for doing some deep thinking and renewing of old methods.

Your tenacity is admirable, but check your tendency to take on more responsibility than necessary. An overwhelmed leader can be the source of chaos, so release your burdens and baggage to be a conduit of uninhibited wisdom.

Any emotional suppression likely stems from a fear of rejection or outworn childhood patterns. Be courageously transparent. Drop from the head to the heart and share not only what you think, but how you feel.

The dedication to metamorphosis is a teacher’s grind. Your unwavering motivation creates a miraculous change of mind. Earn your wings and fly.

Today’s adventurous lunar vibes have a chance to put a lot of things into perspective, especially as the Moon has come full circle from last month’s lunar eclipse.

Despite the fact that there is a professionally charged Full Moon coming up over the coming days, Mars’ return to a playful part of your chart over the weekend and the Sun and Venus’ return next week, marks the start of a new era.

These final months of 2019 can’t be spent simply going through the motions and in his first full day in retrograde motion in Taurus, Uranus is reinforcing this.

Today’s Quote: “Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 24, 25, 35, 45, 48

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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