Today’s energies are strong for your family and home life, dear Taurus, particularly the ways that your personal life empowers you.

Power dynamics in your family relationships can be in stronger focus, and you are especially sensitive to imbalances in your home environment or your close relationships. Energies with you now help you negotiate and compromise.

You’re in great shape for matters of comfort and security. You’re especially creative at combining your need for familiarity and innovation.

The Moon’s transit of your solar twelfth house suggests it’s time to take a breather. Avoiding situations that are competitive or stressful can be one way to do so. You need some time to regroup and recharge your emotional batteries.

Discover the treasure in every challenge. A current impulse to change invites you to step out of a comfort zone that’s become overly confining. If you’re stuck in the pain of a past experience, going within allows you to find the silver lining.

Everything is up for question now; take your time before making a drastic move. Forcing an outcome is a huge waste of energy. Sharing your story may help someone who’s gone through the same rough journey.

Your quest for meaning isn’t superficial; as you recognize what is desirable and what is not, abundance becomes inevitable. Every flower must grow through dirt.

Last week we saw all the faster moving planets congregate in the same place at the same time, for the first time in nearly two years.

Yet a week on the pack is starting to disband from where they met up to focus on home and family matters and the focus is shifting to matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative.

This is a shift that will speed up over the coming days, led by Mars and his new mission to fuel your romantic and creative passions. Yet in her last full day in your home and family sector, Venus is making home where your heart is.

Today’s Quote: “It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”

Lucky Numbers: 12, 15, 18, 19, 27, 33

Daily Compatibility: Capricorn

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Excellent

Business: Good

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