Connecting with a partner or with your needs and desires can be intense and exciting today, dear Taurus. It can also be a turning-point moment for matters related to beliefs, ideas, publishing, travel, or education.

Sharing beliefs, ideals, and plans can bond you with someone you care about, and you’re in a great position to pair up with someone to enjoy yourself or accomplish something important to you. This is an important time in your life for broadening your mind, sharing your experiences and ideas with others, and considering ways to explore new horizons, particularly with a partner. There is a real desire to make profound changes that last.

There can be considerable excitement about an idea or subject, and others are extremely interested in what you have to say, teach, or share. Desires for increased freedom of movement and thought are strong, and this can be a time to reinvent yourself through new ideas, knowledge, and life experience. There can be tension and fear experienced in these respects, but also a growing determination to live a more engaging life.

You can choose to look at the year ahead with trepidation because you know how much work lies in front of you. Or, you can see a road that heads into unknown territory, stirring excitement in your soul about all the wondrous adventures waiting to be discovered.

The magic of this moment gives you the opportunity to decide how to frame your future. Make no mistake about it: the choice is yours. Be courageous and boldly step into your dreams.

You have to feel sorry for the Moon, making its first visit to your work sector for the year under conditions that want you to do anything but keep your work hat on.

As well as facing opposition from planets that need you to spend time navel-gazing, there is a massive triple alignment between the Sun, Venus and Pluto in play in an adventurous part of your chart.

You’ll keep them all happy if you use the Moon as a chance to listen to your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses, but hold off taking action.

Today’s Quote: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Lucky Numbers: 18, 24, 33, 41, 46, 47

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Excellent

Business: Good

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