A profound need for freedom and liberation from outmoded approaches has overtaken you, and it could be upsetting your peaceful home life.

You may have grown bored or constrained with your routine, or maybe you have had some kind of awakening which released you from the bondage of a life you no longer enjoyed.

Resist the temptation to throw the baby out with the bathwater, however, for some security structures liberate you far more than they constrain.

Some people can win a game of chess in ten moves or less. To an unsuspecting player, such a sudden defeat makes them wonder what underhand strategy may have been used. Yet, every move was valid.

Despite you having done something ‘by the book,’ someone could be upset about it. You’ve acted ethically. Any ‘sour grapes’ on someone’s part will likely be brief.

With the Moon in your home and family sector all day, you gravitate toward quiet, easy-going activities, dear Taurus. You may very well want to avoid complications.

However, today’s Sun-Pluto trine can serve as a call to action, or it can put you in the position to take the lead and support someone on a moral or intellectual level.

Your desire to grow is strong and motivating. You instinctively recognize that you won’t have learning opportunities if you stick only with what’s familiar. You can be determined to connect more deeply with personal interests, hobbies, and possibly even a person.

People or ideas emerging now have you looking at the world in new and exciting ways. Recycling efforts can be rewarding, whether you’re editing a project already in progress or looking through your current things and finding new value in what you find.

You are drawn to purposeful activities today, and you can feel more passionately about your interests, hobbies, or romantic life.

Today’s Quote: “I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 9, 10, 24, 27, 32, 44

Daily Compatibility: Capricorn

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