If the effort you invest toward your emotional world generally or a special connection seems to outweigh results, then put the brakes on.

It may be necessary to shift your focus from matters of the heart briefly to a plan or project that inspires you. This could lift your spirits and help you reconnect with your passionate purpose. With that back in place, your mojo could go off the scale.

Outdated romantic norms are being tossed out the window as you exert your desire for more autonomy in your love life right now.

Whether it’s due to boredom or you’re experiencing a shift in passionate perspectives, you’re ready to take down the scaffolding that’s been covering up your spirit, because you simply don’t need it anymore. You’re so much more resilient than you used to be, and this inner confidence allows you to push through your comfort zones.

Although you should stop short of careless behavior, do embrace your desire to test some unfamiliar romantic waters right now. Learn, love, and live it up!

Sometimes it is ok to just stay at home and cuddle with your loved one. The Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house. It is highlighting the necessity of allowing yourself to do that.

We are quite conditioned in our society to think that we always need to be out and about with our partners “doing” things all the time because otherwise we risk getting “bored” and that would supposedly jeopardize our connection.

However, it is equally important that you are able to be with your partner in stillness and emptiness, to be able to hold one another and know that being in one another’s presence no matter where you are, is enough. This is a great time to pour your loving energy into your home space, making it a space that allows you to drop in with your lover.

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