Devoted Bulls are always prepared to defend the ones you love, and you’ll go to any ends to protect them. But tempers could flare beyond what you’re prepared to deal with on Tuesday, September 15, so make sure you REALLY want to open up Pandora’s box.

Venus is halfway through her monthlong tour of passionate Leo and your caretaking, sentimental fourth house. But on Tuesday, your peacekeeping planetary ruler gets pushed past her limits by disruptive Uranus in Taurus and your headstrong first house. Flashes of anger could throw you into the ring as you realize someone is overstepping their bounds on a personal matter that’s close to your heart. If these emotional curveballs were coming from a random person, it might be easy to overlook them (or just duck).

But if your centered existence is being thrown off by someone who can’t be dismissed—like a romantic partner, housemate or relative—you might just snap. If you feel the rumble of “raging Bull” energy rise up, you know what to do: Turn in the opposite direction of that red flag and go cool down! Fanning the flames will get explosive fast.

The good news is, this energy will pass in a matter of a day or two, and you’ll be able to TALK about your anger instead of acting it out. To use this energy proactively, look at how much space you have to enjoy your romantic pursuits. Is it too much? Not enough? Reflect on your needs and get ready to make a course correction.

Cupid wings in for an assist with this on Thursday, September 17, as the year’s only new moon in Virgo activates your fifth house of glamour, romance and creative self-expression. This fertile energy can help you produce all kinds of things—from actual babies to band recordings in a pandemic-proof studio. Weddings, too, so if you’re planning to walk down any aisles, inspiration will strike. (And Pinterest boards will follow.) Don’t lose all chill though, Taurus.

New moons are starting blocks. That means you have a solid six-month window for making moves. Just take time on Thursday to tune in to your desires. The Virgo energy can help you plan from there. If you’re single (and looking) this new moon brings a reset. Try a different dating app, or ask good friends if they know anyone attractive who shares your values and interests.

Coupled Bulls can embark on a new chapter together, getting involved in a charitable cause or an activity that is centered around self-improvement or spirituality. This fame-fueled new moon nudges you into the public eye. Over the coming six months, you could make a noteworthy impact in the world and even attract a buzz from the media.

Start putting energy into your passion (or platform) and think about visual presentation. We don’t need to tell your Venus-ruled sign that well-lit photos and sleek graphics will give your presentation the edge. If funds are available, invest in a goes-with-everything fall jacket that you rock IRL and on those important videochat meetings.

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