You are a hub of communications today with the energy to spread a message widely, and you may even have big news of your own to share. You are definitely better at talking than listening now, though.

Make an effort to be aware of how your audience is receiving you, as you may step on toes if you push forward too obliviously. Technical difficulties could also challenge you, so allow space for that as you make the best of your day in the spotlight.

A ‘right here, right now’ attitude could serve you well now. You’re not obliged to immerse yourself in pressure others not only bring upon themselves but want to inflict upon you.

This could be particularly true if you’re dealing with an authority figure or a boss. You’re encouraged to be your own boss at this time, which means appreciating each moment and not dwelling so intently on tomorrow or beyond.

Personal freedom has been in focus and a driving force, dear Taurus, but it’s probably not mixing well with your obligations today and tomorrow.

A duty could emerge that ties you down or holds you back, or an obstacle appears just when you’re feeling invincible. These are likely only temporary setbacks.

Further, it may be that it’s time to recognize the limitations of specific projects or efforts and determine what needs to go so that you can move forward lighter and happier.

While there can be some unusual or uncomfortable feelings today, you may very well benefit from a slowdown. Criticism can be annoying, although there can be a small kernel of helpful truth in it that you might use to your advantage.

While in many ways your ideas and advice are well-received these days, and this theme will continue for a couple of weeks, prickly problems can crop up today. As you focus on your priorities, today is good for solving some problems or fixing errors.

Today’s Quote: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

Creativity: Fair

Love: Fair

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 7, 10, 19, 31, 41, 43

Daily Compatibility: Cancer

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