Sometimes your actions speak for you, but today, you’ll have all of your verbal gifts ready when you attempt to connect with the one you love, and possibly share some big news.

Words will flow with ease and you’ll have no trouble representing what’s in your heart at this time. You must still choose your words with care, however, because you could end up saying something that you didn’t mean to say, and you’ll regret it.

Watch out for technical glitches that bring confusion between you and your sweetie right now. This day will go well if you approach relationship interactions with care.

Your emotional world beckons as a safe, comfortable haven to help you ease stresses building up elsewhere.

Despite how much you might want to talk with a lover or potential sweetheart about all that’s going on at work or within your family, silent, mellow moments will be much more rejuvenating. Leave work on the doorstep and embrace love waiting in front of your eyes.

Are you willing to do the daily work necessary in order for your romantic partnerships to work out? This is a great question to meditate on today as the Moon is in Libra and in your 6th house.

Relationships just like any other aspect of our lives require hard work, discipline and devoting ourselves to them in a consistent way on a daily basis. It is the little things that we do every day that create our larger reality.

Check in and see if there are certain aspects of your relationship that could afford you putting more effort and energy into them.

Maybe it would be helpful for you and your lover to create a daily ritual that you commit to, this allows you to have a time of the day that is completely dedicated to you just being with one another.

Having such a practice allows you to experience more closeness and intimacy as it provides a safe “space” for you to relate and be with one another.

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